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After I spoke with oger Terry about the phone.

You should not meet up with UL 181 requirements if you don't use fiberglass mesh tape along with the mastic, just in case you decide to use mastic to seal the seams of fiberglass table ductwork. Explore what I wrote. Remember, foil Grasp' 1402 12 is composed mils of butyl adhesive with a 2mil aluminumfoil p layer. Hardcast recommends FoilGrip butyl tape for make use of with galvanized steel flex, duct duct and board. The manufacturer promises that FoilGrip 1402 is usually rugged enough to make use of outdoors. 

So here's the issue. Any chance you can update the link to your site? We are at http. Fact, unsealed ductwork could work, when the lodging is incredibly well protected and has an airtight thermal envelope. Duct leakage can pressurize joist bays and send conditioned air outdoors thru envelope splits, or can pull in outdoor atmosphere via identical system, in case the thermal envelope can be leaky. My questions are. He helped build the plenum works and from there we trunked out flex duct. You can make it to account. He didn't use mastic and I taped all of the appears myself with polyken 339 which is 181 ul. It is three years and the tape holds on the fundamental trunks but where the boots meet up with the ceiling may be the poser. These were taped beneath the patronage of my sons and boy in ordinance cause I am to high to get in the crawl areas. Concerning the aforementioned reality now. My daughter relocated out last week which offered me time and energy to examine the up stairs which really is a completed attic in the event you should contact it that. Even so, it has its gas furnace up there.

Berry Plastics offers a 'butyladhesive' duct tape under 2 exclusive brands.

Nashua 558CA Want OPP tape manufacturers, butyl tape manufacturers want to differentiate their item from duct tape. We usually do not like to use the word ‘tape,' says David Barnes, a technical program representative at Hardcast. We're trying to get over perceptions all linked with duct tape.

Butyl tapes have fared well in the Lawrence Berkeley checks. The butyl tapes come with a metal foil support instead of the cloth support, says Walker. The towel supported tapes are the types we observe shrinking and declining. They will get to dry and will stay flexible much longer longer, the butyl tapes possess far more adhesive on them. In the testing we've done several special orientations over time, and we haven't appeared for any failures in the butyl tape. One of mastic's chief benefits is definitely unlike some tapes, it and that performs well with no clamping. Having said that, mastic must not prevent a joint from opening up. Mastic is not a mechanical fastener you nevertheless still need sheetmetal scrap metal or fiberglass, screws in addition to drywall mesh for huge holes, notes Davis. You should be sure everything will hang on its own merits. Known unlike with tapes and you don't must worry about if the areas are clean.

Many installers do not bother to clean the joint parts preparatory to applying a sealant, and Davis feels that mastic holds up better beneath the circumstances.

Like duct tape manufacturers, mastic manufacturers, need joints to be clean usually. You want to clean the joint with water and soap and a rag, says David Barnes from Hardcast. With that said, identical surface area prep is necessary no matter which sealing structure can be used. HVAC boy placed mastic for the access panel. Manufacturers of HVAC apparatus have to better respect the need for prepared assistance gain access to and offer better instruction for taping and mastic appppropriately. 

Its like checking a may of worms one concern after another. Mastic will continue to work great there but insulation once more within an unconditioned space. Hi, A bit has been got by us annual tired application of mastic for your exposed metal round ducts. Heat of the summertime Heat blasts the mastic then the the rainfall comes and washes it from the areas that are facing the sun. Doesn't it audio familiar? We obtain leaks every wintertime using the rainfall then. It's we have been getting a little annual exhausted scrape and reapplication of mastic. Will there be something we are able to use that's ugher and even more resistant to UV and not water structured? The ducts are on a flat roofing on p of a three bedroom accommodation in the LA field. We noticed 118 degrees come early july and 14 rain inches previous month. All the ducts leaked water to the apartments because the mastic I used 9 months ago was badly weathered around the p ducts side.

At least 4 unusual sorts of tape types possess met the UL 181B standard, alongside some cloth backed silicone adhesive duct tapes, foilbacked tapes with acrylic, adhesive oriented polypropylene tapes foilbacked butyl tapes.

As reported by testing performed at Lawrence Berkeley civil Laboratory More vital than a tape's UL 181 label may be the material category to which it drops. Without the messiness of mastic, at least 2 newest types of duct types tape butyl duct tape and focused polypropylene duct tape may give better functionality than fabric duct tape. 

At least 4 special types of tape types have met the UL 181B standard, alongside some cloth backed rubber adhesive duct tapes, foilbacked tapes with acrylic, adhesive oriented polypropylene tapes foilbacked butyl tapes.

As reported by lab tests performed at Lawrence Berkeley general public Lab More significant than a tape's UL 181 label may be the materials category to which it drops. Minus the messiness of mastic, a minimum of 2 modern varieties of duct types tape butyl duct tape and focused polypropylene duct tape may offer better functionality than cloth duct tape. 

See Duct Leakage Testing Spaces in ductwork or plenums which are over 1/16 or 1/8 in . wide could be sealed with mastic as far as the distance is 1-st reinforced with fiberglass mesh tape, with the intention to find out how to test residential duct systems for leakages.

Use fiberglass mesh tape for all joint parts, in the event you're using mastic to seal seams in fiberglass panel ductwork. 

The register screws to it. We didn't caulk that lip when we installed the two register screws. It's generally an indication that your home is highly leaky and will support from air sealing work, if the indoor air is o dried out. Normally, whenever setting up a humidifier in a leaky premises makes factors worse just, in lots of cases.

As indicated by section 503.

Worldwide renewable energy saving Code, any tape used on duct flex or plank duct should be tagged in accordance with UL 181A or 181B. In most regions of, neighboring besides nevertheless inspectors have little or no fascination with the leakiness of home ducts, and duct tape labels are examined for UL compliance. Install gutters and conductor pipe that bears roof runoff away from your premises this kind of measures are improbable to resolve your difficulty, You can test all the usual remedies for drying the garden soil around a house stabilize grade of the earth the grade around your apartments so it has a slope away from your foundation.

You might be in a position to caulk this crack from below when reaching to the register boot, when you remove the ceiling register. The sheetmetal screws shall draw everything jointly, in the event the register screws towards the lip for the boot. Nonetheless, would I obtain it down clean and mastic after that it add a r6 insulation. The furnace that is in there now could be an upflow which is around fifteen years quite previous. galvanised steel pipe There is about 650sq ft up there with the peaks in the true way. It is difficult to reroute the ducts and build soffits within the conditioned space?

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Thanks a lot for this informative piece. Normally, it creates ideal feeling and demonstrates that it's the little items that can make a difference. HVAC structure using Manual J at http. Pay attention please now. My ducts are 1960 period galvanized., my HVAC lad didn't have a substantial poser w/ this. Anyone appear for problem w/ that? Known simple simple done.

One details that I'm not 100percentage confident about though is closing the foam board to the cement stem wall. The sheathing is going to be flush using the stem wall producing the foam to extend below the point where the wall structure meets the dirt sill. What do you recommend using to provide an air seal between the polyiso and the concrete? Simply believe for a second. Sikaflex product. Is right? In case you rather choose to use housewrap as your WRB, I can not just imagine there is any reason you couldn't just use the Sto Mesh and Silver Fill to pay cracks and create an air barrier on the sheathing plane.

Shall I remove the two register screws and caulk the lip -What caulk in the event you use -Water base I assume.

This is a late 50s apartments and the roof can be plastered I hadn't examined for asbestos. There's a drip between p of the roof the p drywall and the shoe. The cable connections for the flex to boot are done cautiously. We've chosen to use taped and sealed rigid polyiso as the air barrier. The notion we are trying to stick with would be that the foam is the one and mainly air flow barrier. You don't have to seal the sheathing towards the framing, the drywall to the framing, and identical One completely limited surroundings barrier is all you need, right, when it's sealed tight. We will do a blower gate test immediately after the foam is certainly applied and sealed and after that once again after the densepack cellulose and drywall is definitely installed merely to see how much difference the dense pack cellulose makes in atmosphere movement.

One last issue. Ductwork for the Attic Space that was changed into livable space. The ductwork is usually 50 years quite old a minimum of. It's run through the fairly p premises peak that is around five foot through the vent ridge., without a doubt, it is presently there for all this time not insulated and that roofing partition appears great. The vent ridge was set up in the afterwards 90s. The ducts are requirements and filthy cleaned. You have got an fresh air barrier, when you install Sto Mesh and Gold Fill over your sheathing seams. Ok, and one of quite vital parts now. You do not yet have a WRB. Even if, it makes notion to continue with subsequent stage expected by Sto, and cover the whole outside wall structure with Sto Silver Sto or Coat EmeraldCoat, in case a WRB is wished by you.

Your polyiso ought to be covered towards the concrete using a highquality caulk probably.

I should air seal following all splits. Alternatively, loads of these surroundings leakages could be dealt with from the inside with squirt polyurethane foam. Normally, there're a lot of unknowns in HVAC and Durability due to Air-flow nonetheless I believe some guys possess a nice handle on it. As contemporary products are attainable and things get greener we will all have better quality of air and a healthier enviorment. 

At least 3 manufacturers help to make UL '181B FX' listed polypropylene duct tape. Intertape Polymer Group Manufacturers of OPP tape get pains to tell apart their product through the gray stuff. a product or Mark Hooks supervisor at Shurtape Systems, insists that it's not really a duct tape, even though their DC 181 is a tape designed for make use of on ducts.

FoilGrip 1402 12 is made up mils of butyl adhesive with a 2mil aluminumfoil p layer.

Hardcast suggests 'Foil Grip' butyl tape for make use of with galvanized steel flex, duct, duct panel or duct even. The manufacturer claims that FoilGrip 1402 is usually rugged enough to utilize outdoors or below grade. I wouldn't be worried about drywall leaching towards the surroundings, since no proof continues to be got by you of any asbestos within your plaster. Now please pay attention. You can usually send a sample of the plaster to some lab for tests, in case you are the sort or kind of person that worries a whole lot. Did you hear about something similar to this before? While your plaster isn't friable and flaking to contaminants or dirt, I wouldn't be concerned. You'll get it to account. Merely tape them, when there're any organic edges that frustrate you. The concerns I got has been the drywall that was cut -I colored it at the time concerned about drywall leaching towards the surroundings. The register could then screw to because the HVAC lad got me diminish the boot to make a lip on 4 edges that laid on ceiling p drywall. That I had usage of them now. What's top-notch means to insulate the FLEX DUCT really? It includes a r6 worth but is within unconditioned spaced. Reality, may i bury them in batting insulation as there's some loose insulation that arises to p of the roof the p rafters -joists -2x6 rafters 16" on center. Ultimately, there is a barrier therefore the insulation does not get to the soffits but any more loose fill up could over movement where batting will not trapped in to the soffits.