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De Familia Escosteguy
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“Masters of Contemporary Fine Art” is the 1st edition of an annual publication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of high quality contemporary Art. Artists Painting, Sculpture, Drawing and Digital art are the categories that we have chosen to publish in this art book. The vast range of expressive techniques and also the different styles in each category add value, depict fascinating rhythm and captivate diversity. The book is also a powerful tool for research, consultation or study for artists, collectors, Galleries, art Dealers and art Lovers. This art book provides originality in its approach, as well as inspiration and entertainment. It provides an intellectual challenge. To see through the artists eyes and understanding the decoding process behind what they make of the world that surrounds us. The artworks flood our cognitive senses with marvelous images of metaphorical, fantastic or surreal times, and others, an interpretation more realistic than reality itself. Art Galaxie is a company based in London and our projects evolve around all areas of Fine Art. They are disseminated through diverse mediums and distinct platforms that are also complimentary to each other. contemporary art Artists