Thoughts of BAFTA Film business not diverse enough

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With this photo taken Thursday, February. 11, 2016, set builder Charlie Wright works upon a giant replica of the particular BAFTA trophy which will be displayed during the forthcoming BAFTA awards ceremony on Sunday, Feb fourteenth, working in london. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)
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LONDON (AP) : The top of the British Academy Film and Television Awards says its yearly ceremony will not feature more ethnic minority nominees since the film industry alone is not diverse sufficient.
Amanda Berry says the girl supports a peaceful demonstration against the lack associated with diversity outside of the star-studded event, being held in Greater london on Sunday.
Berry told the Daily Telegraph newspapers that not enough movies are made with diverse talent so "the pool of people to draw prize winners from isn't diverse enough. " She additional that "people can just vote about what they've seen. "
Her comments adhere to a controversy surrounding ethnic diversity at the Oscars.
Two black actors have been nominated for BAFTAs this year: Idris Elba for best supporting actor and "Star Wars" actor John Boyega for a rising star award.