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Following your excitement of Christmas morning died down, and after we sat down to a nice turkey dinner, my significant other and two sons had a different gift for me. They took me in the market to the film theater to discover 'Rocky Balboa.'

My partner knows the 'Rocky' movies are my all-time favorite sports movies. I've watched these -- even the putrid Rocky V -- many times. So, at some time I would go off by myself to check out this sixth installment.

To be honest, when I heard Sylvester Stallone was creating a new Rocky movie I wasn't optimistic. I was thinking there wasn't much new ground to get covered, understanding that this could be only one last, pathetic effort to benefit from the Rocky empire.

Yet, the pre-release reviews were much better than expected, and watching the trailer intrigued me.

Turns out, 'Rocky Balboa' still has something to offer. It's a good movie -- not on par while using early Rocky movies, however a much better method to conclude the Rocky series as opposed to street fight that concluded Rocky V. No less than, let's hope this is the final Rocky film.

This movie returns Rocky to his roots often. They are on his luck, managing the death of his wife, a painful relationship together with his son, a failing restaurant plus the feeling that they hasn't yet done everything he or she is supposed to do.

Your personal computer fight pitting him against current champ Mason Dixon where Rocky is the winner, brings about a proposal to have an exhibition contrary to the champ. Rocky, obviously, accepts despite the fact that no one thinks he's any chance to remain competitive.

This film has everything fans of 'Rocky' movies have started to expect. An underdog story, great fight scenes, personal anguish, training scenes together with a amass the infamous steps in front of Philadelphia's City Hall, and snippets of moments business films.

A high level fan with the Rocky movies, that is a must-see. You might not leave thrilled like you did from the original movie, but you'll be satisfied that 'Rocky Balboa' is usually a worthy accessory the Rocky legacy.

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