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Let?s cut to the chase and answer the question at the start: No, it?s not.
Now let's take a peek at that. It would be accurate to convey how the mobile Web may be the latest final frontier, but we know that technology will continue advancing and the vocabulary (and also the tools) continues evolving. In fact, merely a year or so ago most of the people looked at the mobile Web as meaning special sites for cell phones to get into. Now, of course, we have been inside iPad and netbook phase of Web mobility, so mobile Web is a broader term who's was if this was born.
Pretty much everywhere you go nowadays the truth is free wireless (WiFi) at coffee bars and in many cases supermarkets. Every other billboard and TV commercial touts a brand new smartphone application or mobile Web site. This is because you will find there's growing group of fast-moving people who wants apps, music, videos, instant messaging, e-mails plus much more available on a regular basis, everywhere they go. It is not restricted to high schoolers, either, because demographics of iPhone and Blackberry buyers trend older with higher incomes. The fact is, in many cases the whole day, it's faster and much easier to test an e-mail or confirm a well known fact with a smart phone or handheld device than a desktop or a laptop.
The numbers
You must be blind never to see the incredible increase in mobile activity in most part of life, geographical and otherwise. Check these facts from DotMobi, Mobile Active and ComScore:
- The quantity of Web access attributable to mobile devices increased over 100 % inside U.S. between 2009 and 2010. (DotMobi)
- That increase was almost 150 percent globally inside the same period. (DotMobi)
- Half the world?s population will have mobile Web access with the close of 2010. (Mobile Active)
- Research and surveys in the U.S., Asia and Europe show that the full one-third of your companion questioned were mobile media consumers since January, 2010. (ComScore)
The misunderstandings
Many with the less tech-savvy Internet users wonder what each of the wailing and gnashing of teeth from your world of business indicates. They seem to consider that any Web site that is certainly now available on their own PC should likewise show up on his or her phone or handheld device. The problem is the fact that mobile Web is surely an entirely new dimension in more ways than one, including the dimensions with the displays. Sites have to be specifically made to demonstrate information on mobile devices along with other devices with small or imprecise displays. Simply using a working Web site will not ensure it is ready for that mobile phones.
The primary reason is simple to view: size. Not only do mobile phones have smaller screens, the browser issues and bandwidth needs are also quite diverse from those that have PCs. Just think about the incredible number of new devices, with different screen types and sizes, plus varying degrees of support for audio, video and text. Then, too, some touch screens scroll, some usually do not, you can find differences inside the phone company coverage plans, etc., ad infinitum.
The way forward
To create a mobile-ready site, it really is probably a good idea to put your trust in companies that specialize in creating them rather than hack on your path into trouble or turn out ruining what already works. Leading Web design firms are able to demonstrate inside a hot minute whether they are high on the emerging technologies driving the mobile Web. This will mean that these are investing what exactly is necessary to master the technologies, obtain the research in order and develop the items for robustness and flexibility. Do not be puzzled by this: You will need a mobile-specific site, at least for a time, so do not wait too much time to have that going.
There is more to mobile phones compared to the capability to text and chat to make phone calls. There is business to get done, too, and also the companies that get this to easy and simple for his or her customers will reap the advantages. It is simply another part of the technology (r)evolution, something a lot of companies are actually contending with now since the pace pc and communications technology development shot to popularity at hyperspeed in the 1980s.
Bottom line
Do not wait to the convergence; you may lose lots of money. The convergence, as it can be called, is day, somewhere inside the misty future, when one Web site design will probably be repurposed on the fly by software a part of mobile device hardware. That day is arriving, but it is still a ways off. Until it arrives, you need to get ready having a few different solutions for presenting your Web site, unless you only desire to sell to people who find themselves sitting at desks. And that?s simply not the way the future seems to get shaping up, could it be?